Columbia Adoption Project

Adoption Agencies & Helpful Sites

There are so many questions and unknowns with adoption. We want to help make it easier for you. Below you will find a list of Agencies we recommend and other helpful sites to aide you in your journey.

Adoption Agencies

Helpful Sites

  • Adoptive Families – This is Focus on the Family’s website for adoptive families Focus on the Family Adoption Resources
  • Choosing an Adoption Agency – Choosing the right agency is essential in the adoption process. Tapestry Ministry has an excellent resource for questions you should ask each agency before making your choice.
    Questions to Ask Domestic Adoption Agencies
    Questions to Ask International Adoption Agencies
  • World Health Organization – Medical information about various countries.
  • Travel Documents – Visa Requirements for traveling to various countries.
  • Sample Letter Explaining “Cocooning Period & Attachment”- It is often difficult for friends and family to understand the need for a “cocooning period” when you bring your child home. Attachment is so critical, and having a period of time for the child with just their immediate family (parents and siblings) is essential for attachment. Your family and friends have been waiting and are excited to be a part of your new child’s life too, so understanding “cocooning” can often be difficult for them. While you are waiting to bring your child home it can be helpful to send a letter explaining attachment and the “cocooning period” to your family and friends. Show Hope has a SAMPLE LETTER written to help you formulate your own.