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Coyote Hill Live-in Home Parent Position
Live-in Home Parent couple: This is a domestic mission position for a married couple to serve full time as live-in home parents to abused and neglected children. Duties include managing the activities inside the home as well as working with other professionals outside the home. In addition to salary, compensation package includes rent, utilities, food, medical insurance and paid vacation.

YWAM Ethiopia – That We Might be Adopted
You are invited to join Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Ethiopia in their exciting new outreach. Mana Gammachuu, is a new orphanage in Sheshemene, it has babies that YWAM is preparing for local (domestic) adoption. One little sweetheart already has a family who has chosen her.

Adopting outside one’s family is counter-cultural in Ethiopia, and it will take effort and perseverance to instill vision and educate the Christian community about adoption. Because adoption is so rare in Ethiopia, the governmental offices don’t have experience in processing a domestic adoption nor are there any procedures to guide them.

YWAM is planning their first two-day adoption conference in Sheshemene to provide guidance and education to the government entities on how to process local adoptions. They have an expert judge from Addis coming to lead the training. In conjunction with this, they are working alongside several Christian churches to hold a seminar emphasizing Christian adoption philosophy and practical procedures for families interested in adoption.

To make this happen, They need your help in order to raise $5,000. Please consider giving a donation of any amount to sow good seeds into the fabric of Ethiopian society. Many of you know firsthand what a difference a nuclear family makes in a child’s life. Help them to expand ways of providing permanency for children by raising up strong Christian families in Ethiopia to adopt the orphans in their communities.

To make a tax-deductible gift for this adoption training, please go to their website here and under gift designation select ‘Other’ then type in “Passing on the Torch”. Or you can also send a check with a note attached that says “Passing on the Torch” payable to:

Adoption Ministry of YWAM
PO Box 512
Puyallup WA 98371

Both Ends Burning
Many adoptive families experience being STUCK in the frustratingly long process on the part of the US Embassy to clear the child to come home. It is an agonizing wait that many families are currently in the middle of while adopting children from different countries. Both Ends Burning is an organization that has been working tirelessly to bring change to our government – to try to eliminate the red tape and implement an efficient process for approving children for adoption so that kids aren’t languishing in orphanages.
If you haven’t yet seen the documentary “STUCK” it really is a must-see. You can view it online or order a dvd here. After watching it, you may think “What can I do that will make a difference?”

If you want to join the Both Ends Burning Campaign you can with a membership of just $49. This organization is committed to promoting a culture of adoption that actually brings change to a broken system. For $4 a month you can be a part of the solution that will impact so many children.