Columbia Adoption Project

About CAP

Throughout the bible, both in verse and scene one finds reference to the idea of orphans and adoption. These references are not just to those in this world who find themselves without biological family, but to each and every one of us as we find ourselves lost, alone, hungry, and in desperate need of a heavenly Father.

The inspiration for CAP (Columbia Adoption Project) is based in a realization that we are the orphan. We are the ones in need of adoption. We are the wild olive shoots, claimed by and belonging to no one. With faith in Christ and in His word however, we find ourselves blessedly and purposely grafted as branches in a family tree stretching across land and time, and rooted in eternity. Verses such as Isaiah 1:17 lay down a calling to defend the cause of the fatherless, but what does that look like? What does that mean? For some it means becoming an adoptive or foster care family, for others it means supporting and promoting adoption and foster care; not for the sake of being a savior, but because we have a savior and by grace and through sanctification our hearts are made to be like his.

CAP began with families who felt called to the cause of orphans, but felt they were wanting of the knowledge and resources to do anything about it. As in much of life, we’ve found that one of the greatest obstacles to adoption and foster care is the unknown, the uncertain (the uncomfortable?). Our mission very plainly states that CAP exists to help support and equip families in the Columbia, Missouri area through the various stages of adoption and foster care. We want to walk through the adoption and foster care process with families as a resource of advice, encouragement, prayer and support. We don’t know everything about adoption or foster care, but by grace we can learn together and respond to a calling, that our Father may be glorified through it.